Customer Amenities

Capital Gateway - Parking

Shopper Toilets and Baby Change Stations

Customer toilets are located on the upper level which is acessable by lift, stairs or vehicle ramp. There are three sets of toilets - locations are- beside the café, beside Cotton On Kids and beside Bambini . In each set of toilets there is a baby change station.

Bus and Train access

Capital Gateway Centre is located within two minutes walk from Wellington Central Railway Station. There are bus stops directly outside the Centre also…..very convienient!

Lost Property

All lost and found property can be found at Sipriana Café, upper level, Capital Gateway Centre.

Car Parking

Capital Gateway Centre offers shoppers FREE car parking while shopping onsite, parks are available on both the ground floor and upper level.  The upper level car park is accessible via a vehicle ramp at the north end of the Centre, behind Early Settler. Please note that the customer car park has a 90 minute limit and is available while shopping onsite only.  The car parks are surveyed via camera and if a vehicle is parked onsite and the driver leaves the Centre, the vehicle will be towed offsite or clamped, at the expense of the vehicle owner.  This is to ensure that there is always ample parking spaces for genuine customers, the car park is monitored 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.